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Always with an eye toward giving back, Advantage PR relishes working on the publicity campaigns of nonprofit organizations. In fact, the idea of service to the community is so compelling that each year Advantage PR chooses a charity and works pro bono on the group's PR campaign. In a dynamic strategic PR campaign, Advantage PR secures placement in print publications and online stories to highlight the phenomenal work of the organization and secures ongoing media coverage to broaden their exposure to potential donors and volunteers. In a media market that is over-saturated and ever-changing, nonprofit organizations face many communication challenges to generate media attention for their cause. Here at Advantage PR, we strive to break those barriers and increase visibility among the masses and to target audiences by consistently and strategically telling their story.  Advantage PR has been very successful in the past with nonprofits such as the Thirst Project, which has greatly impacted the lives of people around the globe.


Advantage PR is unique in the industry as we plan and execute brand-sponsored events, such as clients' milestone birthday parties. Advantage PR understands that a successful event is key to generating strong visibility for the brand/client. We collaborate with the clients to bring their ideas to fruition, assisting them with tasks ranging from venue selection to on-site coordination. We also work closely with the brands to ensure they are strategically placed throughout the venue and is visible to the attendees. We work closely with brands to ensure that they are strategically placed throughout the event. We secure press prior to the event, for the event itself and post-event to increase exposure and build the client's brand.

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