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Advantage PR represents many individuals, from the hottest to the most innovative across the beauty and fashion fields, and has launched strategic publicity campaigns that have increased their exposure exponentially, most notably in the digital space. Placement in key publications and media outlets has positioned them as the "go-to" expert for fashion and beauty and has driven increased traffic to their sites for tutorials and tips on the latest trends. We implement a social media strategy for our client's brand that engages fans/bloggers/online audience through interesting and engaging Instagram, Facebook and Twitter campaigns. At Advantage, we leverage our client's expertise in the fashion and beauty industry to secure national and regional broadcast opportunities and build momentum for their brand.


Advantage PR has represented many clients dominating the health and fitness arena and has developed dynamic PR campaigns that positioned the client as the "go-to" expert in the field. From nutritionists to doctors to authors, Advantage PR has utilized relationships with editors at key publications to secure guest contributor opportunities in relevant publications. Consistent media coverage has increased recognition and attention for the client as an authority on the subject in print publications such as Real Simple, Self and Oxygen and broadcast opportunities including "Dr. Oz," the "Today Show" and "Home & Family."


Advantage PR has launched publicity campaigns for numerous authors, ranging from up-and-coming young adult fiction authors to New York Times best-selling authors. Utilizing both traditional publicity and social media campaigns, Advantage has garnered exposure for our client's fiction and nonfiction works, captivating readers and increasing exposure. Authors have been featured in print and on national TV shows such as "Access Hollywood" and the "Today Show."


Advantage PR has launched innovative publicity campaigns for renowned experts in such fields as food and interior design to heighten their visibility in the public arena. We have garnered strategic media coverage in print publications and online to maximize exposure for our clients' ideas and products. Advantage excels in establishing a presence for our clients on social networking sites to drive visitors and sales. We build awareness and unique story angles for our clients across all relevant demographics, including men & women's general interest, lifestyle, food and design in national and regional press outlets to facilitate building our client's brand.

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